Monday, June 20, 2011

Is it your fault Harper got in?

If you're under 45, the answer is probably yes.

In that age range you are probably engaged in social media, and disengaged from standard electoral politics. The Globe and Mail had an article on how badly Ekos screwed up their polling. They did this by failing to assume that if you're under 45 you're an apathetic fuck who can't get your increasingly obese ass of the couch and vote.

see here:

For a more complete analysis of how (if you didn't vote) you fucked up, look here:

Instead you're likely on facebook or some such shit where you get to feel connected to the world around you, to feel engaged. Even when you aren't.

Even when your apathy and your artsy left wing sensibilities and your carefully cultivated cynicism result in the reelection of someone who's policies the majority of Canadians disagree with.

And who will work hard to increase the gap between rich and poor (Union busting and Corporate tax breaks)

Well done. Bravo.

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